Day 1: Camp NaNoWriMo & Wise Words from Anne Rice

“Anybody can be a critic. Writers are priceless.” -Anne Rice

Day 1 of Camp NaNoWriMo is down! I clocked 1615 words and it took me most of the day to do it. I wrote steadily through the morning, took a break around lunchtime, then finished my last 500 words mid-afternoon. What I learned is that I write as slowly as I read. And that is slow. Yikes! But, mission accomplished. You can read about my prep work for Camp NaNo here.

To prep for day 2, I made a playlist at 8tracks. It’s incomplete, but you can check it out here.

Now, moving on to the inspiring bits. Every now and then we all need some inspiration. I find mine in many ways and one of those is to read the wise words and tips from successful authors. The other day I stumbled upon Anne Rice’s tips on writing while doing research for an upcoming post and found these brilliant words by her. I felt so good after reading it that I read it again. And again. And since I have it bookmarked, now I have to share it. Enjoy! More