Words of Wisdom from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic

I’m not going to bore you with another boring analysis about Elizabeth Gilbert. You won’t hear me talking about whether I’m in the “Eat Pray Love camp” or not. I am, after all, in all of her camps: the Eat Pray Love one, the ambitious novel, Signature of All Things one (yes, it delivered big time for me), and the other camp she belongs to.

Which one, you ask? That one, I say. The one being that camp of people who are able to deliver likable, feel-good, uplifting and inspiring messages in a unique way that brings a greater depth to what your original understanding may have been on a subject. And I love that there’s a down-to-earthness in her messages, but they’re still sprinkled in fairy dust!

Obviously, I just started reading Big Magic which I pre-ordered months ago. And with NaNoWriMo right around the corner, I couldn’t have asked for greater inspiration and permission (yes, permission!) to just create while preparing for November’s marathon! Not be perfect. Not get it right the first time. Not hit the 1615 words per day everyday. Just permission to create and be my nature: that of creator.

I was going to save the book for next month when I’m traveling a lot, but I stumbled upon an interview she gave on Think Out Loud podcast that made me change my mind and open the book not 10 minutes later. (Her interviews are equally as compelling as her stories.) Anyway, what caught my attention is when she said this:

“It doesn’t take much. It’s incredible what a kitchen timer set to 30 minutes sitting on a desk will make you do if you do it every single day. I still feel like the humble kitchen timer is the most important tool in a writer’s arsenal.”

And that is the kind of statement that will cause even the busiest, most overwhelmed, most burned out writer walk to their kitchen and reach for their timer.

I had already put quite a few words on the page yesterday, so instead I opened her book. And I didn’t know what to expect when I flipped open the pages since the topic of creativity is as vague and me telling you I went to a new city and had fun one day. But, in her classic style, she starts with a brilliantly inspiring story about an even more inspiring man and poet named John Gilbert. It just pulled me right in. Page 3: I was hooked!

I’ll sign off with one of my favorite quotes fo far:

“Living in this manner—continually and stubbornly bringing forth the jewels that are hidden within you—is a fine art, in and of itself.

Because creative living is where the Big Magic will always abide.”

Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert

That’s all for now… I’m still slowly making my way through The Night Circus, which is delightful, by the way! But it’s going to have to share my time with Big Magic, too.

What about you guys? Anyone reading Big Magic? Any other inspiration books you can share? Please drop a line in the comments section if you’d like to share!

More soon,


             Articles, Links, Books and Music for Inspiration:

Pirates: Tides of Fortune, by Jesper Kyd

Phantasm, by Jesper Kyd

Sparta: War of Empires by Jesper Kyd

Big Magic (is magical!)

The Night Circus by Erin Morganstern

Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Skybrary” at her old Frenchtown, NJ residence (WOW!!!)

Link to the awesome interview with Elizabeth Gilbert on Think Out Loud (will make you grab your kitchen timer and pen!)

You can visit my new site here for this article and many more!


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