Why I Love Adult Coloring Sheets (and Think They’re Great for Writers)

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A is for Adult Coloring Sheets

love this new craze: adult coloring sheets! Always been a pen junkie (you can have the fancy clothes—I’ll take cools pens over them any day). And I’m a paper junkie (yes, I’ll take Paper Source, Kate’s Paperie, or any other stationary store for that matter, over a mall any day of the week). And now that the two are combined (awesome paper + cool pens), it’s like I’m a kid again. Coloring was, after all, one of my favorite ways to pass away a rainy day as a child.

I might be a little late with catching on to this new favorite adult hobby. It was about a month ago that I was listening to a talk on YouTube, when the speaker mentioned adult coloring sheets. My interest was piqued. Then about a week ago, I flew to my Mom’s house and told her about them. She laughed and left the room, only to come back with a bag of adult coloring books! WooHoo!

Some have just really cool designs, like mandalas. Others are specific (say, all cats for instance). I was immediately drawn to the one with butterflies. You can see it here.My Work in Progress

I thought the images would be similar to a kid’s coloring book, but more detailed and soon found out quick: that is an understatement. The adult coloring sheets are way more detailed! Here’s a bit of my sheet after about 30 minutes:
adult coloring sheets

And another hour’s work:

adult coloring sheets

As you can see, they take time! But are soooo fun! One coloring book will last a long time.

Buying Adult Coloring Books and the Cool Pens You’ll Need

You can find a huge selection at Amazon, Barnes and Noble (and probably most books stores), or at your favorite stationary store.

Staedtler triplus fineliner pens

Now, for what you’ll use to color them. Obviously crayons are out unless you intend to go outside the lines. My mom uses very fine colored pencils which you can see here, but I have a set of really cool pens by Staedtler that I’ve been wanting to use for a while and they are perfect for the job. You can get a 10 pack like mine, or 20 pack, or 36 pack! For some of the larger sections of the picture, fountain pens or very thin markers work nicely. If you’re looking for markers, these are lovely. And no, they’re not Montblanc, but you can find awesome fountain pens for sale by Pilot here (and they’re disposable).

Free Adult Coloring Sheets & Cheap Pens for Sale

There are plenty of free adult coloring sheets online, but you’ll probably want to invest in your own book if you’re planning to pursue this new hobby. However, looking to try it out? Parade magazine has free adult coloring sheets, such as this one here.

And plenty more that you can download here. Just do a google search—you’ll find many more online.

And while I can’t offer you free pens to complete the job, you can find some pretty fine-tip crayola markers for a little over $5.00 here and 50 colored pencils from Sargent for $10.00 here.

Benefits for Writers

You’ll notice that many of the adult coloring book covers mention stress-relief; it turns out that therapists are recommending this hobby to their patients and apparently it’s a great way to let go and relieve stress, and take your mind off of things. For me, it’s a wonderful escape as a writer—an awesome way to step away from my characters and book to get a new perspective and some fresh inspiration.

I often find that doing something that’s mindless, but that also requires my attention (and adult coloring sheets do since they’re so detailed!) is the best remedy for getting over a hump in my writing.

And, well, any excuse to buy a set of nice pens and visit your favorite stationary store, right?

I’m curious, have any of you ventured into the adult coloring book craze? Thoughts? Do you have another favorite hobby that helps you decompress or step away from your writing project? Please leave in the comment below if you like!



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