Music Wrap-Up 1

Here’s the first music wrap-up! 

Music Wrap-Up

Music Wrap-Up

As you may have noticed, I often end my posts with songs I’m currently listening to while I research, outline and write my book (I’m particularly fond of scores from film). So I thought that I’d start a Music Wrap-Up series and list all my favorite new finds in a single post every now and then. Since my blog is nearly 2 months old (woohoo!), I think it’s time to start.

So here we go, in no particular order–a list of what’s been keeping my creative spirits alive and pulsing the last couple of months:

And if your looking for variety, 8tracks is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite websites! There are tons of playlists for reading, writing and studying. And you can create and publish your own playlists (mine is here).

I’ve also discovered Coffitivity, a site that has the ambient sounds of a coffee house. If you like the rumble and mumurs of a coffee house (like I sometimes do), you’ll dig it! Some tracks are free and there’s an upgrade option for even more options! My favorite is “University Undertones.”

Well that’s all for now. Have a favorite song or music website you want to share? Leave it in the comments section below!


You can read this article and many more on my new site here!

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